Welcome to Desatec.We want to serve you ! We make available, Our Strategically Located – Sodium Methylate Production Facilities . When supported with our, over 50 years of experience in exporting of chemicals and Industrial products , We are confident that Desatec will add success to your Important Procurement Supply Chain. We look forward to working with you.

SMO Solution

Desatec is the reliable Manufacturer that will timeously deliver to you, the highest quality Sodium Methylate Solution. Most of our clients order the 30% Solution , However we are able to produce other grades upon your request.

SMO Powder

Due to our strategic manufacturing locations,We succeed to produce SMO Powder at competitive pricing, we deliver our’ SMO Powder to clients from various industries, including the Bio Fuel, Pharma, Cosmetics and Food Industries.

Caustic Soda Flakes

We deliver only the highest quality Caustic Soda Flakes with the lowest Chloride and Iron content levels.Whatever your requirements may be, you are guaranteed to receive consistently highest grade products from DESATEC.

Palm Oil

At Desatec we transparently supply from sustainably approved production sources, We supply both CPO Crude Palm Oil and PPO Processed Palm Oil. We fulfil our commitments and satisfy our clients according to their timely delivery needs.

Whey Protein Bulk

We supply Whey protein powders in bulk .From Whey Isolates to Whey Concentrates 80 % ( WPC 80 ). Talk to us should you require the  additional services of flavouring and sweetening in your bulk supply.

Industrial Goods

We have over 50 years experience in the supply of Technical and Industrial Goods, holding various brand agencies, we supply all over the world across several categories, be it from small spare parts to complete turnkey production facilities, Desatec has you covered.