We produce Sodium Methylate Solution in our production facilities and deliver across the globe. As standard we provide sodium methoxide solution in 30% concentration and we provide other percentages on clients request.

Sodium Methylate is a catalyst which is used to accelerate many chemical processes. This processes are applied in various industries.

Other descriptions – Sodium Methoxide, Sodium Methanolate , NaOCh3

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Here you can find all the information about our Sodium Methylate Solution.

Available Grades
  • 30% Sodium Methylate Solution
  • For 21% and 25% contact us
Packing Size
  • 216ll UN-gapproved drums
  • 1000l UN-approved IBC’s
  • 22000l 20′ ISO Tank
Technical Info
Molecular Formula NaOCH3
Molecular Weight: 54,03
CAS-Nr.: Reaction of 124-41-4 in 67-56-1
Index Nr.: 603-040-00-2 in 603-001-00-X
UN-Nr.: 1289
IMO-Class: 3
Packing Group: III
SMO 30%
Appearance: Clear, odourless liquid, high viscosity, hygroscopic
Solubility: Soluble in Methanol and Alcohol
Identification (Na): Reacts positive to Sodium Test
Moisture acc. to KF: 0,20% w/w max
Free Alkalinty as NaOH (NaOH + Na2O3): 0,50% w/w max
Total Alkalinity as NaOCH3: 29,5-31,0% w/w
Sodium Mehtylate: 21,0%-31,0% w/w
Sodium Carbonate: 0,1% w/w max
Mercury: NIL
Iron: Not more than 4ppm