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50 years of Desatec

We can look back at more than 50 years of successful company history.

Desatec, was founded in Hamburg in 1969, and is an associated member of the TESUCO Group of Companies, having its regional focus on Southern Africa. The export of industrial goods to Africa is therefore still one of the most important pillars of our trading business.

We have been producing Sodium methylate since 2010, which helps us to further expand our chemical business. The main sales driver is Sodium methylate solution.

We supply both Sodium methylate solution and Sodium methylate powder to numerous customers from various industries and have also established ourselves in the biodiesel industry as a reliable supplier of SMO / NM30. After initial national sales, we have established ourselves on the international market. Our worldwide customer base extends from Europe, North and South America to Asia.

We guarantee consistent high product quality.

The use of mercury in the chemical industry has been prohibited since 2013 due to the Minamata Convention. This agreement  was signed by more than 140 countries. Exceptions were only granted in favour of two German based factories with a time limit and subject to conditions. These will be reviewed shortly (2021). In contrast to our two German competitors we are not affected by this and are pleased to inform you that our Sodium methylate is free of mercury due to our production technology.

We are REACH registered.

Thanks to our reliable ability to deliver SMO, even when the Rhine is at low tide, we have been very well received by our European customers in recent years. Our delivery routes are via the major seaports in Europe. We can therefore say with confidence that our ability to deliver is not negatively affected even in periods of extended drought.

Our Sodium methylate business is a success story. We are listed as a supplier to almost all major NM30 / SMO customers.