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Sodium methylate 30% (NM30) dissolved in methanol

Is a clear, colourless liquid and is the most frequently used catalyst within the biodiesel production industry.


  • NM 30
  • SMO
  • Sodium methylate solution 30%
  • Sodium methanolate solution
  • Sodium methoxide solution
  • Methanol, Sodium salt, Alcohol oxides, Biodiesel

Biodiesel is made from vegetable oils and used cooking oils. Catalysts – such as Sodium methylate – are used to convert these oils into biodiesel.

Our NM30 / Your advantages:

  • Proven quality
  • High efficiency, low processing costs
  • High availability
  • Mercury free


Oils and fat molecules consist of triglycerides, a combination of glycerin and three fatty acid molecules. In the transesterification process, the triglycerides are converted into biodiesel. The by-product glycerine is used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Our Sodium methylate offers you the security of offering your customers a product that is not contaminated with mercury.

Packing / delivery

In ISO tank container, barrel, IBC.


PDF here for download